lavorazione e decori Maras Ceramica Artistica Tradizionale Deruta
Ceramica Artistica Tradizionale Deruta
Maioliche MARAS joins the consortium Deruta 1282 for the protection of Deruta Authentic Ceramics.


Ceramica Artistica Tradizionale Deruta Show the map Deruta (PG)
Piazza dei Consoli, 1
Tel. +39 075 8788031


Ceramica Artistica Tradizionale Deruta Show the map Deruta (PG)
Via C. Corcioni, 42
Tel. e fax +39 075 9711168
Negozio Maras Deruta

The name of Deruta is worldwide linked to the ancient tradition of fine ceramics. Maras exists to make this art is.
In the workshop, shaken up in 1986, Maras’ artisans make hand made and hand painted ceramics with the finest decorations.
All the creations, we are proud to show you, are the results of traditional techniques to give shape to clay and to decorate ceramics with artistic mastery. In fact, according to tradition, on raw materials of the finest quality, the subjects are first sketched and then painted by senior painters.

Maras’ceramics successfully suit in furniture of different styles and inspirations. The catalogue includes a wide range of objects that can complete, with their unforgettable shapes and colours, your kitchen, living room and table accessories. The shop includes also an original selection of gift ideas made of ceramics that can be customized on request.

Thanks to their particolar features, Maras’ ceramics gained a good fame in Italy and worldwide too.
Fell free to contact us.We are at disposal also for a B2B approach, to meet resellers and create creative solutions to enhance the market of fine ceramics.